New Music for Young Musicians

New Music for Young Musicians is an exciting new series featuring original music for young musicians (or indeed musicians of any age) who are playing at a beginner to intermediate level.

My goal in writing the music for this series is to inspire young musicians with new music that is not only accessible, but sacrifices nothing musically. Great music doesn't have to be hard or complicated to be exciting and rewarding.

The series starts with the beautiful and richly orchestrated Prelude for Piano and Orchestra, Op. 2. Perhaps the most unique feature of this piece is that it allows for a young pianist to experience the excitement and reward of performing as a soloist with an orchestra, right at home.

Note: Each piece comes as a pack which includes sheet music and audio recordings. Packs that include an orchestral backing MP3 are tuned to A440 (440 Hz). If you require a different tuning (e.g. your piano at home is not tuned to A440) please contact me after purchasing the pack and I will send you a custom tuned MP3.